Saturday, November 19, 2005

Voles or Moles and Pottery Barn

I'm watching David and the irrigation man out the front window as I type.  Our yard has been feeling really spongy, and we thought perhaps we had a leak in the in-ground irrigation system.  Well, we DO have a leak, which would explain the small swampy, muddy pond-like area in the yard where the shut-off valve is, but the rest of the yard is invaded by some kind of critters which are eating grubs from the yard.  Grubs which, if not eaten, will eventually be Japanese beetles.  Hm .. learn something new every day!  Not to worry, though, apparently if we treat for grubs in the spring, we eliminate the critters' food supply, and off they go to a different buffet.

We ordered a beautiful couch from Pottery Barn about a month ago, a sectional which is to die for ... you just sink into it.  I was so excited about it, and they finally called to say it would be delivered on Tuesday.  I was just thrilled, since our living room has been pretty bare since we moved in.  The men unloaded it from the truck, brought it in the house .. and it's the WRONG CONFIGURATION.  With our living room, the "L" has to co from right to left, and they sent a left to right.  This after I made the saleslady check and double check that she was ordering the right configuration.  I was beyond bummed.  I called customer service, and the poor girl who took my call got an earful.  Since the couches are made-to-order, it will be another FIVE WEEKS before I get the new one.  UGHGHGHGH!!!!! 

I have rarely been driven to write letters to Presidents of companies, but I sat right down and banged one out to the President of Pottery Barn Brands (isn't the internet a great thing??  Search for the annual report, and voila!  The name and address of Madame President.  I marched right down to Mail Boxes, Etc. and sent it certified mail!!!  Stay tuned ... I wonder if anything will happen.

I almost did write a letter to the President of Northworst ... er ... Northwest Airlines when I got thrown off a plane in Detroit (en route from Minneapolis to Charlotte) and had to sleep -- literally --on the floor of the airport.  I was there for 12 hours with no blanket or food vouchers.  They offered me a hotel room in the seediest, grungiest hotel I have ever seen in west podunk Detroit, but they couldn't get me back to the airport in time for my flight.  Gee, that's good old American efficiency for ya!!  But I was so glad to get home, I never followed up.  <sigh>  Think it would have been spitting into the wind anyway.

The floral wallpaper in the kitchen is gone, gone, gone!  Hallelujah.  A local couple that we know, who also adopted through World Partners Adoption, have a painting business here.  Their master painter, Henry, did a fantastic job and I'm sooo pleased.  It's a very pale yellow, which I think complements the cobalt blue & white backsplash.  I have been on a "blue & white" search and found some really pretty accent pieces.  My mom accuses me of being stuck on blue ... whenever I shop and pick out something blue, she'll fuss at me ... I guess I am a creature of habit.  

I've been cooking for a friend who is recovering from surgery, and the kitchen is a disaster area, but I'll try and shoot a pic soon.

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