Friday, June 3, 2005

Time to Build an Ark (edited)

Man ... the rain!  Enough already.  My plants are loving it, but sheesh!  What a quiet week.  David has been in New England, bouncing between VT and NH looking at trees.  I think he's coming home tonight.  We have been sleeping late (well, except for Colin who had finals .. my alarm still goes off at 5, but then I sneak back to bed for a while ... so nice!).  Even Melanie has been a 8-8:30 sleeper.  I did do some home improvements ... changed the fixtures in the downstairs bathroom, which involved spackling, sanding, painting and drilling.  Melanie had speech of course, on Wed., and Quentin had an orthodontist appointment.  Colin called me around noon on Wednesday saying he had a terrible earache ... I knew he hadn't been feeling well, but he really couldn't miss finals.  A quick trip to Urgent Care confirmed that he had a massive ear infection (in a 15 year old??)  Abx are started, and he seems some better.  Mt. St. Laundry is a little smaller, but still not gone altogether.  (Is it ever gone?) 

The greatest thing to happen was that thanks to, I have reconnected with one of my very best friends from 6th grade!!  Having grown up in a peripatetic family, I have little or no contact with anyone from those days.  She and I have exchanged some great emails ... "remember the time .." "...had a crush on ..." and it has been so much fun to remember that time.  The sleepovers, trying to stay up all night.  She even shared this very lovely picture of me that I had never seen before.  It is a group shot of all of the 6th Grade Prefects (safety patrol ... the only thing I remember doing is standing on the stair landing and yelling at people when they committed the evil crime of 'skipping stairs').  It was quite an honor though, and we all wore these nifty little pins that said "PREFECT" ... I am the one in the front doing a "Mod Squad" pose.  Apparently I took my job very seriously ... You can almost imagine me packing heat in that belt!

Quentin and David take off for Kaz in less than 3 weeks.  Yikes!   

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