Friday, May 20, 2005

The Calm After the Storm

<phew>  How strange it feels to just sit and not have to be anywhere.  Well, I do have a lunch date, but have a quick 15 minutes before I have to go perform my morning ablutions.  The week started with a bang ... the painters arrived early to start stripping wallpaper in the kitchen.  Had to take stuff to the school for Quentin's play dress rehearsal.  Get Christian ready for a baseball game at 6 p.m.  Tuesday I had to do some more running around, then meet at Colin's school about his schedule for next year.  Home to dress quickly and be at the school for the BIG SHOW ... and realized that I had completely forgotten to take Lisa to piano lessons, and had forgotten a doctor's appointment for me.  "Mommy Brain" at its finest. 

The play was fantastic!  The kids did a tremendous job.  The costumes!  I laughed!  I cried!  Quentin was a perfect jester (complete typecasting) and the other kids are Broadway bound, I'm sure.  I'll have to post pictures when I get them back from mom ... we didn't take our digital camera, though we videotaped the whole thing.

Wednesday I had to take Melanie to speech, then drop by a ladies' get-together across the street.  I had promised Mom a shopping afternoon, and she wanted to go to "Birkenstock" (those who live around here will appreciate her malaprop ... it's called "Birkdale").  We had a nice time, buying out Chico's and Talbot's, and grabbing a quick lunch.  On the way home at 6:00 I suddenly remembered I had a meeting in South (way south, as in an hour drive) Charlotte at 7 p.m.!!!  My expletives will be deleted since this is a family blog!  The lady who did our homestudies for both adoptions, Beth, had asked me to be on the Board of Directors for her company ... I am completely flattered, and excited to be a part of an aspect of the adoption business.  I was promptly voted "Vice President" of the Board (which sounds quite impressive, but doesn't mean much, they reassured me.  I only have to jump in when the President can't come to the meetings -- just called me Alexander "I'm In Charge" Haig!)  

Got home around 10:00, and literally dropped into bed, exhausted.  Yesterday there wasn't much going on, Mom & Dad packed up and left around noon, and I spent the day washing clothes, since we are on the brink of having to turn our underwear inside out.  (Not really!!!)  

Melanie seems to have come down from her nadir of "two-ness" although I am still on guard.   

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