Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Where the Hell is Matt?

I heard about Matt several years ago.  For some reason he started traveling the world and videotaping himself with people of all nations, cultures and creeds, just dancing.  The international language of dancing.  No words, no languages, just movement, celebration, joy.  Every tribe, every nationality, every culture has a dance.  (How many of you can say you spent your P.E. classes learning tinikling?)  From the most primitive cultures in the Pacific, to the tribes of Africa, we all dance.  We've all seen a baby who has just learned to stand, moving his body with joy; dancing.

Matt has made so many videos.  In this one he even goes to North Korea (wonder how he explained THAT one to the people issuing his visa.  "Yes, I just want to come to your country to dance with your people.")  He is in Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, Israel, Syria, Pakistan, among many, many others (including Quezon City, the Philippines -- okay there's my plug for my adopted home).  And the commonality in all the places?  Joy.  Smiles.  Happiness.  Happy and giggling and just being silly.  Doesn't this prove that we are all just the same?  We're not Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists.  We're just people who dance.

My very favorite is at the very end, when Matt is shown dancing with his wife (I assume) and their baby on their shoulders.

I dare you to watch this video without cracking a smile.

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