Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On Hiatus

My apartment is practically empty.  I have no couch, no dining room table, no chest of drawers.  My bed is a twin mattress on the floor.  I have given away one of my bookshelves, so I have stacks of books on the floor.  I gave my pots & pans to my son Quentin today, who is off to Appalachian State for summer school.    The movers are coming July 20.  This Third Culture Kid is on her way again, traversing the country (well, halfway anyway!) from North Carolina to Texas, to start a new life.

The Love of My Life and I are getting married in early August.  Our story is a small miracle in and of itself, and I promise to write about it.  Soon.

I'm still looking for a (paying) job.

Much as I love reminiscing about the good old days at 132 Cambridge Circle, Forbes Park, Makati, Metro Manila, (and Tokyo, and Brussels, and Singapore...) I have just a few *little* things going on in my life.

I promise to return (with wedding pictures!)

But don't be surprised if I throw in a post or two if I have a flash of literary greatness.

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