Monday, October 20, 2008

Election Stuff

If you are anti-choice and don't know why; ... if you have never really seen the face of abortion, and the excruciating decision that women have to make ... if you think that slutty women just abort their babies on a whim and don't think any further about that child ... please, please, please read a blog called "Uppercase Woman". I read her entries daily and applaud her every word. She will open your mind ... and as important as the economy is to this election, the war, immigration, jobs, etc., a lot of people are voting based only on abortion. And as narrow and oblique that is, that may be on which issue the election is won or lost. Cecily is a brave, outspoken woman whose voice MUST be heard by both choice and anti-choice groups. I would wager a bet that 99% of those who would vote for a pro-life candidate have NEVER met a woman whose life was changed by abortion. I truly believe that if more people put away their assumptions and their blinders, there might, just might, be a change in this country.

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