Monday, October 20, 2008

Election Stuff

If you are anti-choice and don't know why; ... if you have never really seen the face of abortion, and the excruciating decision that women have to make ... if you think that slutty women just abort their babies on a whim and don't think any further about that child ... please, please, please read a blog called "Uppercase Woman". I read her entries daily and applaud her every word. She will open your mind ... and as important as the economy is to this election, the war, immigration, jobs, etc., a lot of people are voting based only on abortion. And as narrow and oblique that is, that may be on which issue the election is won or lost. Cecily is a brave, outspoken woman whose voice MUST be heard by both choice and anti-choice groups. I would wager a bet that 99% of those who would vote for a pro-life candidate have NEVER met a woman whose life was changed by abortion. I truly believe that if more people put away their assumptions and their blinders, there might, just might, be a change in this country.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New digs!

Welcome to Blogger! For some strange reason, AOL decided to shut down their journals, which I have been using for over 4 years. Must be the economy, stupid! Not much has been going on here, other than wrangling the kids in their five different schools (how did this happen?) and studying and writing papers for my class. I'm taking Reference this semester, which I am really, really enjoying! I finally feel like I'm truly a library student, after taking two fluff core classes, "Foundations" and "Management". And I got an "A" on my first paper! That really gave me a boost of confidence, let me tell ya!

Colin is home from college for fall break. He actually got a hair cut today; I teased him about having enough hair to donate to Locks of Love. Believe me, he wasn't that far off the mark! I know, I know, leave the kid alone. He's enjoying the heck out of college; good for him. Better that than calling home homesick every week!

Well, this is just an introductory post now that we've moved to Blogger. More to come!