Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crazy crazy summer

Bullet point summary of the past month and a half ...

1.  Had a great time in England.  Learned a lot. Still need to write paper.  Bad me.  Bad me.  Also went to France over the weekend.

2.  Went to Maryland for Cousin Courtney's graduation.  Celebrated birthdays.  Came home.

3.  Colin graduates from Hopewell High School.

4.  Kids all go to camp ... little ones to South Carolina, big ones to Skycroft, Maryland.

5.  Back to Maryland for Ashlea & Jason's wedding.  Lots of fun .. very hot.  Beautiful bride.  Colin, Quentin & Christian look great in tuxes.  Girls beautiful jr. bridesmaid and flower girl.

5.  Two days spent at orientatin at Western Carolina University.  Colin would like to leave now.  Move in day:  August 15.

6.  One lazy week ...

7.  July 9:  Melanie has her bone graft surgery.  Updates to follow.

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