Friday, May 2, 2008

Jolly Olde England

Well, one week from today I'm headed back to England.  My stellar prince of a husband (I LOVE YOU HONEY!) is letting me go to Oxford for 2 weeks to attend a seminar on British Librarianship, in connection with UNC-Chapel Hill's LIS department.  I will get 3 hours credit (well, after I submit a 15-20 page research paper, ack!) and I won't have to go to summer school.  You see, if I take one class each term (fall, spring, summer) I'll finish my degree in 4 years.  (One year down, 3 to go!)  I am so looking forward to being in England again.  The last time I went was 1998, with my mom and friend Robin. 

I know, 2 weeks ... no kids!  No housework!  No rat race!  No nothing!  Just academia and culture, oh and don't forget the pub crawls!  I know I'll miss home, but that will make it all the more wonderful to come home.  I think everyone deserves a break from life now & then.  I lived in London for a summer with Judith (see entry in October 2007) and feel so much at home there. 

Totally off the subject ... we were so captivated by the PBS series "Carrier" this week.  Wow ... it just knocked us off our feet.  If you have the chance to buy the video, DO IT.  It will give you an idea of what our armed forces go through in this war on terror.  (Whoops, mis-typed that as War OF terror.  Hmmm ... freudian slip?)

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