Sunday, February 17, 2008

Did I Mention Kevin Costner?

No Way OutWe were standing on Tchoupitoulas Street (bonus points if you can pronounce that correctly!!) watching the Krewe d'Etat (which is one of the funnier, satiric parades).  The crowd wasn't too bad, just a bunch of happy people enjoying the warm evening.  Suddenly I heard a guy shout, "Hey, Waterworld!!"  I turn around and see Kevin Costner walking right behind me.  I mean RIGHT behind me.  He gives the shouter a "bite me" smile (guess he'd like to forget that movie, although I personally enjoyed it!) and kept walking.  He was with about six other guys, his band maybe?  (He rode as the grand marshall of the Endymion parade, and his band played at the SuperDome later that night).  They didn't really look like bodyguards, and they weren't around him, just with him.  Anyway ... those of you who know me know that No Way Out is one of my all-time, hands down favorites (that white naval uniform!  Running through the Pentagon!) oh, stop!  Sorry, but other than The Untouchables, any of his movies after that did nothing for me. 



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