Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Time Keeps on Tickin', Tickin' ... Into the Future

Sounds like a good title for a song, doesn't it?  Let's see ... Colin's all set for the downward swing of his senior year.  He was able to drop AP Statistics (what WAS he thinking?) and pick up something called Discrete Math (not to be confused with Discreet Math, in which everyone goes by a code name and attends class in disguise).  He will have first period free every other day, plus take his last class at CPCC (community college).  Graduation is set for June 14, followed a week later by the wedding of their cousin, Ashlea.  He's all set to go to Western Carolina (see previous post) and things are just peachy.  We visited the campus over the holiday.  Gorgeous.  But a little bit of a party school, we hear!)

His 18th birthday was Saturday.  Now, in NC, you have a provisional drivers' license until you are 18, at which point you go and have it renewed into a full license.  Seeing as his birthday fell on a Saturday, he went to DMV on Friday afternoon, being the Good Citizen that he is.  Since he was TECHNICALLY still a minor as of that moment, he had to take a parent/guardian with him.  So he came home, fetched me, and back we went.  Wait, no, we can't give you a regular license because TECHNICALLY you're not 18 until tomorrow.  Come back Monday.  Sorry, the person who spoke to you earlier is new, she doesn't know the rules, sorry, sorry, sorry.  Blood pressure begins to rise. 

So, we have a birthday, we take him out to dinner at his favorite rest., have presents, etc. (well the real present was a new cell phone with GPS, music, camera, dishwasher and laundry folder).  Monday morning, (missing first period of school) we set out again for DMV because, you know, TECHNICALLY he can't drive without a license (which expired on Saturday).  Okay, we drive up, no crowds.  Walk in ... Sorry folks, the entire computer network is down.  Try again tomorrow.  Sorry, sorry, sorry!  GAAA!!!

Stay tuned ... he's going back this afternoon to try for a fourth time.

In the meantime ... number 2 son, Quentin, is ready to get his permit!  Mom hasn't had enough abuse at the hands of the NC Department of Motor Vehicles, so we set out this morning.  Now, in NC you have to have a certificate from the driving school which provided his Drivers' Ed class.  We've had said certificate since June, when he took said Drivers' Ed class.  It hung proudly on the fridge for, I don't know how long.  So, when we go to get the permit, naturally, the Certificate is missing.  Probably my fault, one of my cleaning frenzies.  A phone call to the driving school assures me a duplicate can be had at the bargain price of $5.00, but here's the catch.  The school is in South Charlotte, off Independence, which, as any Charlottean knows, is right near the Gates of Hell (traffic-wise).  But being the good, loving mom that I am, off we go.  Get said certificate, take one look at the 1,000 people in line at the DMV near the school, and decide to find another DMV.  We drive up Brookshire Freeway, and find one there, wait 30 minutes, and DONE.  Quentin has a permit!  No fuss, no muss.  Even a good picture!  Only missed 2 questions on the test!

I get home from all my world travels (after taking Q to school) and put my feet up for a minute before tackling my housewife-ly chores.  Suddenly remember I have to take Lisa her lunch.  AGH!!!!!  Just another day in the life ...

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