Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Dog Lady

What the heck?  Am I the town dog lady?  Wednesday we were driving down the parkway (the main drag in our neighborhood) and I spotted two identical beagles trotting down the road.  They obviously belonged to someone; they had collars and looked quite civilized.  So being the soft hearted person that I am, I pulled over and called them to me.  They eagerly came up to me, panting and wagging.  They only had invisible fence collars on, no address.  A lady stopped behind me and pointed out the house where she thought they lived.  I coaxed them into my car and off we went.  We rang the bell, but no one was home.  We left a note on the door who we were, but lucky for us, another lady walked up, a neighbor, and offered to put them in her garage.  Mission accomplished!  Note to dog owners:  Please put an address and phone number on your dog's collar!!  Invisible fences sometimes fail.

The next day, I was making up the bed in Quentin's room, which is the basement and overlooks the back yard.  Suddenly I heard a dog barking, and it was NOT Boudreaux's bark!  I looked out the window and was surprised to see a little black mixed breed dog.  In our yard!  With both gates closed!  What the heck?  Did someone drop him over the fence?  Had he been dumped?

Stay tuned!


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