Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Water ... water ...

Wow, a drought of epic proportions.  First only 2 lawn waterings per week were allowed, now they have banned them completely.  What's going on here?  It hasn't rained here (much) since Labor Day (and no, that light sprinkling we got the other day doesn't count).  Even the water coming out of the tap looks sick.  Yesterday it had a yellowish tinge (no, it wasn't that the kids weren't flushing!).  Very strange goings-on.

Quentin is really enjoying the cross-country team.  He has really stuck it out, and I went to my first meet last weekend.  It was at the Cannon School, which is 100 miles east of our house.  Southlake, the kids' school, where Christian had a football game, is 100 miles west of our house.  (Exaggeration inteded for effect).  I set out with Quentin to his meet, while David set out with Christian to his football game.  Halfway to the cross-country meet, David calls me and says I have all of Christian's football equipment in the trunk of my car.  If I don't get Quentin to the meet by 11, he can't run.  I was indeed in a pickle!!  I decide to get to the meet, then run as fast as I can back to Southlake (note distances between point A and point B above) so that Christian can at least play the second half.  Problem is, I can't FIND the freaking school where the meet is, and when I get there, the entrance is blocked by the course of an earlier race, and cars are stacked in the street trying to get in.  I notice that a friend is right in front of us, so I kick Quentin out into the traffic to get in their car, and peal out going back to Southlake.  I can hear the gas sucking right out of the tank.  30 minutes later, I'm back at Southlake with the equipment, toss them off, and set out BACK to the Cannon School to catch the race.  Quentin does really well (he doesn't finish last!) and I'm impressed at how big a deal this is.  There are about 20 schools participating, and let me tell you, some of these kids can RUN.  I could really get into this.  Pictures of the meet to follow.

School continues to go well for me ... I'm enjoying every minute of it, and am learning so much. 

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