Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back to school, school, school and school!

The three "middle" kids (Quentin, Christian & Lisa) started back August 8, poor slobs.  But they'll be singing a different tune in the spring when they get out on May 23, and the others still have to slog along until June 8!  Melanie and Colin start this Monday, the 27th.  This afternoon we'll go to Melanie's open house and drop off her nice new school supplies and meet her teacher.  Colin has been shuttling back & forth to his school, getting a parking pass, classes changed etc.  He is taking a class called "college experience" which lets him check out of school at noon, and attend a class at the community college here (CPCC).  His very challenging, academically rigorous class: history of rock & roll.  Ha!

My new career as a graduate student started last night.  After attending Colin's open house in the 100+ heat, then coming home to threaten the children with bodily punishment if they didn't behave while I was gone (David was on his way home from NYC), I set out for the UNC-C campus.  After I parked, I walked around like a lost soul trying to find the building (also in 100+ heat).  Finally found it, and my class began.  It was a very cursory first class, introductions all around, basic overview of the class (Foundations in Library & Information Science).  Our professor is a hoot, very entertaining with stories of her early career in the public library, then doing her doctorate as a single mom with three kids on food stamps.  I'll be interested to see if I can still create a coherent term paper.  There are so many young, beautiful girls in the class (and three men!) but there are at least 3-4 of us senior citizens.  I'm so intimidated, because many of the women have worked in libraries of various types for years, and know all the "lingo" and I feel like a babe in the woods.

I was suprised to see the school librarian from Melanie's school there.  She remembered me from "Beginners' Day" in the spring.  I laughed and said, "I guess I have no excuse for not volunteering in the library now, huh?"

My recovery: still hoping that I will return to some semblance of normalcy someday.  My insides still feel like someone put them in a blender, mixed them all up, and put them back, along with some bricks and lead weights.  I have a follow-up appointment next week.  Someone told me that it would be closer to a year.  <sigh>  I guess old ladies heal slower than most.


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