Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Moondoggie Here we Come!

friends at the beachWe're heading to Destin, Florida this month.  Destin is the 'destination du jour' for most of the folks who live in Mississippi, Alabama, etc., and we used to go there a lot when we lived there in the Deep South.  In fact, when David and I started dating, we went to Destin with his parents.  Our first 'trip' together.  David's dad told me one time it was on that trip that he knew that I was 'the one' for David  I tend to be ready to go quickly, while David seems to take forever to assemble all his 'stuff' for the beach ... cooler, sun tan lotion, stero, umbrella, etc.  I would sit quietly on the bench in the front hall while David ran to and fro getting ready.  Anyone who could put with that was the perfect wife for him.  I found some pictures of that trip recently ... that was 21 years ago! ... and I harldy recognized the skinny youngsters that we were.  Anyhoo, we will be there with our neighbors-who-are-like-family from Memphis.  We try to meet them every year.

Colin arrived home safely Saturday night.  They flew straight through from Osaka, so were understandably dragging.  We did stay up for a while looking at his pictures, but he was in bed pretty early.  He's been struggling with jet lag ever since, added to the torture of taking finals this week.  Life is so rough sometimes.  He is over the moon about Japan and is already plotting to go again next spring, and perhaps to University there.  Better start saving his pennies!

Our beach trip will be my last hurrah before I go under the knife in the beginning of July.  I started having some weird symptoms and decided to get checked out by my doctor.  After two pretty thorough ultrasounds, it was determined that I have a lemon-sized mass that needs to come out.  So I'm having a hysterectomy, and as an added bonus, a tummy tuck due to some herniation that I have, a vestige of my three very large babies.  There will be less of me this fall!  I'm a little unnerved thinking about the aftermath, but the dr. has assured me that there have been significant advancements in pain management.  Hope it's a little more than a shot of bourbon and a bullet to bite on.

Quentin is taking drivers' ed this week.  They've seen"Red Asphalt" and have learned all about road signs.  The other day I let him drive home from Melanie's bus stop to our house (about 100 yards) and he didn't know the difference between the brake pedal and the accelerator.  Boy do we have our work cut out for us!!!

So, there you have the latest and the greatest from the Branch front.  See you on the other side!

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