Thursday, May 31, 2007

Did I Win??

 I entered an essay contest at MissCellania ( about stress in parenting (not that I have any stress at all in my life).  I didn't win a Brand New Car or anything like that, but MissC did put my little ole essay on her website as "one of the funniest".  Heh.  Some of the other ones made me ROFL.  MissCellania's blog is one of my daily routines ... she never fails to make me laugh.  Check it out (but fair warning, it's not always rated G!)

The Japanese voyagers are reaching the end of their trip.  Here are some of Colin's emails:

Heymom I made it and I am beat. 10 hour plane flight and not a bit of sleep... oh well good night`s rest tonight because school doesn`t start til 9:00. Ok well I`ll email you again tomorrow with more updates
2 days have gone by and i am enjoying my stay in Japan very much. The first day of school was very interesting. If I wasn`t that tired i`d write more but i am beat...
Ahh... third day and i am close to getting rid of all the jet-lag so i can give you most of the details now :) The first day at school was just an introduction to the school grounds with some basic classes. Today was a half day and then a trip to the Nanzan University Seito Campus, that was kind of boring but not all that bad. The family i am staying with is very nice, although i wish they would let me use my Japanese more... anyway they have a Wii and I got to use it today woo!! I also had real Japanese Ramen for lunch today. It was different from what I`m used to but i liked it anyway. So until i can write you tomorrow again... see you :)
(This one is in answer to questions I had).
1.  Where does your host family live?  House or apartment? 
a house 2 actually they`re connected by a little walkway
2.  How is it getting to school?  Bus/train?  Long ride?
we walk to the bus stop and then we ride the bus for about 10 min it`s not that bad
3.  What are you eating?
Well last night we had a big slab of teriyaki chicken so i am eating pretty well. I even had ramen for lunch one day
4.  Are you keeping up with your journal?
i dont think anyone is we are having too much fun
5.  Have you cracked "The Great Gatsby" open at all?
i have read the first couple of chapters
things are going great and i seriously want you to look into doing that gap year
see you soon!
Well the first week has gone by and i am looking forward to spending the weekend with my host family.  Im actually kind of disappointed that i have to leave on tuesday (Monday should be interesting because most of the students dont know that we are coming back). Anyway almost died of a heart attack when this huge spider showed up on the carport. It was about this big (                                                       ) no joke either. then i got another scare because Asami was still spooked and she screamed real loud when their dog ran in (interesting family no?) Still i am kind of disappointed that i have to leave on tuesday because the family is starting to grow on me. Even if i cant understand what theyre arguing about sometimes, they are still a very nice family (Yuika is a little shy though). Back to the point, tomorrow i will be able to attend Asami`s sports festival so that will be a real treat. Not many gaijin get to see them. Then, On Sunday, WE might be going to a nearby amusement park so that will be a lot of fun. To wrap up i am having a real fun time and I can wait to get home (I just love this country so much).
forgot to say something, Tonight we had a going away party type thing and i got to make Mochi (rice cakes) the traditional way (cool huh)
Well... the sports day thing yesterday was interesting... it started out simple with just a couple of footraces and a relay race before lunch. thats when things got... umm... wierd.  next thing i know they have finished this one event where the children bring in their parents to help out and they picked up this huge inflatable ball and tried passing it over the croud of pople. the rest i too pictures of so ill just show you when i get home. I also got a wicked sunburn n the back of my neck ouch... then we went bowling for some wierd reason and then we went out to eat at a Japanese/American steakhouse. The food was very good but the ketchup for the fries was a hassle. it was packaged with mustard and to get it open you had to squeeze both of them together which made the mustard side explode. anyway im still having a blast and can wait to get home. Cya then

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harveytmj said...

My famous, published friend!  Your essay was great.  It was also a lot of fun hearing about Colin's trip.  It sounds like a gap year might be in order!