Sunday, May 20, 2007

Colin Goes to Japan

Colin and the crew made it to Nagoya, Japan!  They arrived last night around 1 a.m., after an 11 hour flight.  He said he didn't get any sleep at all, but that he was planning on getting a good nights' rest.  According to emails we exchanged with the host family before Colin left, he will ride the bus with their daughter, Yuiko, to school .. where he'll go to classes in Japanese language and other cultural things like origami, flower arranging, the tea ceremony and Judo.  I'm dying to know the details of the trip, and will pass them along to you, my dear readers, as soon as I get them.  You can also read the group's blog at, where they'll be posting their photos as the trip goes along. 

As for the home front, Mom and Dad are here, partly to see Colin off at the airport Friday, and partly because my birthday is Tuesday.  Mom helped me landscape an empty spot in my front yard.  Yesterday we were at the mall, where I treated myself to a makeover and professional photo shoot (a deal that Estee Lauder had set up).  Wonder how goofy the pics will turn out.  I will share them here if they're not too evil looking!

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