Thursday, March 8, 2007

So How Was the GRE?

Oh yes, well, since you asked!  It was great.  I found the place with no problem, and it was somewhat like getting into a Federal penitentiary.  No belongings could be brought inside.  They issue you a locker, and practically do a cavity search for any cheat sheets.  All you can take in the room is your drivers' license and the key to your locker.  No jackets or anything.  Each person is video taped the whole time they are taking the test (don't pick your nose!) These people are serious!

The test itself wasn't too bad.  I feel that I did pretty well on the writing sections, and while the math was a little cryptic (isn't it all?) the vocab and analogy parts weren't too bad.  I scored right smack dab in the middle of average.  Not stellar by any means.  I suppose I could have really pulled out all the stops and studied non-stop, but what would that have shown?  That I can learn a test.  At any rate, the head of the MLIS department at UNCG said it was fine; no need to take it again. 

Oh, and I learned a new vocabulary word!  "Cozen" ... look it up.  And it doesn't mean the child of your uncle.

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