Friday, February 2, 2007

Yikes! Long Time No See!

What they say about January being the longest, most depressing month must be true.  What a cold, dreary time it was; hence the lack of posts in a while.  Add that to the death of the batteries in our camera, and you have true doldrums.

David and I did get away to Naples, FL, the 2nd weekend in Jan., like last year at the same time.  (Business meeting).  If you flip back through the old posts you will be reminded of how sick I was last year, with food poisoning, which led me to swear off all seafood for the next decade.  This year was perfect, and since we were at the Ritz Carlton, I felt confident enough to sample the sushi.  And the lobster.  Ah, all systems are again a go in the seafood department.  One day I drove the golf cart while David and his boss played; the next I sat on the beach with a book (the biography of Walt Disney ... very interesting!  Not such a nice person, old Walt!)  I had a chair and an umbrella, and a little flag pole.  Flag pole?  For what is this flag pole?  I raised the flag and here came a lady to grant my every wish.  Okay, it was only a sandwich and a drink.  How decadent, indeed!  It was about 78 degrees, and I napped.  I read.  I napped, I read.  Utopia.

This month I made the momentous decision to try to go to graduate school this fall.  I am hoping to get my Masters' in Library and Information Science.  Not very sexy, I agree, but books are my life, and this is a dream I have had for nearly 10 years.  Now that Melanie will be in kindergarten, the time is right.  I take the GRE on Feb. 27.  Been studying vocabulary like a fiend.  Never knew that my kids were obdurate.  Some days I can be very truculent with them.  When I make aspic, I need to macerate the gelatin.  HA ... got you reaching for the dictionary, didn't I?  Now the math part; that may be a lost cause.  Wish me luck.

My degree (should I suceed in all matters educational) will be from UNC Greensboro (1 hour north of CLT) but I can attend classes here in CLT through teleconferencing.  I only have 1-2 classes per semester, so I'm hoping I'llbe able to pull it off.

Today is Melanie's 2 hour craniofacial clinic with Dr. Matthews.  Long day.  I'm packing the portable DVD player, some snacks and a lot of patience. 

We actually had snow yesterday!  About an inch, but we'll take it.  Got the kids out of school anyway.  It's all gone today.

Hope it won't be another month  before I post again!

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