Monday, December 18, 2006

Signs of A Lazy Blogger

Number 1:  Posting stupid Christmas cartoons.

I guess my literary synapses have shut down, because as of late I haven't been able to create a coherent post.  Not that life hasn't continued in its hasty, fast forward mode.  There is still the usual waking up at 5 a.m. (WHY???) and hitting the ground running, driving the kids to school, laundry, laundry and more laundry, trying to come up with a meal that everyone will like (haven't figured that one out yet), taking Melanie to speech therapy, shopping for Christmas (I think I'm done, but for one or two small things that can wait until the Christmas Eve rush), basketball practice, etc. etc., you get the drift.  I was sick last week, and had to postpone a ladies' brunch that was supposed to be at my house (I've never had to do that before!) but fortunately it was a swift-moving virus (like everything else in my life!)  Lisa came home with a stomach issue on Thursday, and Melanie spent most of Saturday running fever and with her head in a bucket (sparing the details). 

I did go to New York for my annual girlfriends' weekend away.  We had a great time (as usual) hanging around and laughing our bahookeys off.  We rented a limo on Saturday to go into the city (P. lives on Long Island).  We went through Chinatown, and drove by Ground Zero (I hadn't been since it happened .. was hoping there would be more of a place to pay respects, etc. but it's just a construction site now).  We ate lots of great New York food and drank a lot of wine.  Very relaxing.

We're taking off later this week for Jackson.  David's mom thinks she might sell the house this coming year, so it may be our last Christmas there. 



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