Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Speaking of Backs...

I know, everyone hates people who complain about back pain .. something that is not visible to the outside, often used as a fake excuse, etc., etc., but heck on a stick, when it happens to you, it just plain hurts.  And it's a weird, electric shock kind of hurt, reminiscent of the way it felt when I got an epidural, only it hurts.  Pain shooting down the legs hurts.  And <hanging my head in shame> I have had several involuntary "F" words come out of my mouth, more so than usual, ha ha. 

How did it happen?  Was I in a spectacular car crash?  Lifting a 100 lb. bag of fertilizer?  Falling down a huge flight of steps?  No, nothing that exciting.  I was getting ready to get in the shower the other morning, and I lifted my shirt off over my head and ... *boing!* out went my back.  At first it's a sensation of "Oh sh*t that didn't feel good.  Doesn't hurt too bad, but wait for it ... wait for it ... NOW it hurts a LOT!"  That'll teach me to take my shirt off before I get in the shower!  Ha!

I always bend at the knees when picking up heavy objects.  Always try and do the right thing.  Bottom line is, though, according to my new chiropractor, I have a compressed disk ... L-something or other ... and I have a date to see him every day until the pain subsides.  This is day 3 and I still feel a lot of pain, even though he has folded me up like a rag doll, rolled me over until I heard a big crrr---ack and mashed on some pressure points in my skull.  I guess I still feel a little skepticism about the whole chiropractor thing, almost like they're witch doctors or something, but about a year ago I had some really bad neck pain which a (different) chiro. took care of quite well.  So I'm hopeful that this will help.  I did go to my regular doc. for a completely different issue (high cholesterol ... guess I need to cut back on those Big Macs eh?) and I mentioned the pain thing.  She gave me some honking big ibuprofen tabs., and told me to call in a week if I wasn't better and we might look into some prednisone.  Or an MRI.  Whatever.

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