Friday, October 6, 2006

The Light at the End of the Tunnel not a train!  We have countertops!  We have appliances!  Best of all, we have a SINK!  I took great pleasure last night in washing the dishes ... (ha!  wonder how long that will last!) and putting a few pots and pans away (away!  as in, IN THE CABINET! and not on a wire shelf in the dining room!)

Minor problems:  the granite folks cut three holes for the faucet instead of just one, and they actually had the actual faucet kit AT THE SHOP.  <scratching head>  However, they have fessed up to messing up and are going to cut a new slab and replace it next week.  AND take care of hooking the plumbing back up.  Major oops.

The crown moulding still needs to be done, as well as what they call "light rail" or moulding around the bottom of the cabinets.  I need to go buy the under-cabinet lights for George to install next week.  I went to the tile gallery (gallery!  sounds like the Louvre or something) to pick out some tile for the backsplash, and the lady is coming Monday morning to measure and give me an estimate.  <gulp>  George still needs to do some baseboards, and put glass in the cabinets with glass doors.  The floor has to be fixed and refinished.  We need to do some painting of walls and siding outside that was replaced.  Is this ever going to be done???

There was a small miscommunication about the measurement of one wall; the designer didn't tell us that she had shortened the cabinet length to account for the light switch, but we assumed that it would be the longer length, and we put the switch in the dining room.  So now we are 10" short.  After some deep head scratching and pondering, (we of course immediately dismissed the idea of doing the cabinets all over), we decided to put in a floor to ceiling shelf unit for all of my decorative *crap* (David's words!) to cover up those last 10".  An added expense, of course, but what remodel job doesn't have little surprises built in?  Heh.

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