Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mess to the Nth Degree

Well, the fun has started!  The contractor started demolishing our kitchen on Monday.  After two days I'm ready to call it quits!  But I suppose it's a little like being in labor; once you get started, there's no going back.  I guess I'll just have to get used to the taste of sheetrock dust in the back of my throat, and the feeling of it on the bottoms of my feet.  The rest of the house is covered with dust; should I dust every day?  Or is that a losing battle?  Ack ack ack. 

On the positive side, the men who are doing the work are such nice folks.  Very pleasant and dedicated -- it's a man and his three sons ... a really nice family, all around.

They are doing the "prep" work ... sheetrocking, running electrical lines, plumbing, etc. (since we are moving the refrigerator from one spot to another, and the dishwasher will move too).   When they're done, the floor guys will come and patch the wood floor (we pulled up a knee wall and the island, so there are some gaps) and refinish it.  That will require a three day vacation of the house.  The cabinets are scheduled for mid to late September, so we'll be camping out for a while.


I keep telling myself that it will be beautiful when they're done, this is only temporary.  And then I remind myself of the folks who are living in FEMA trailers at a FEMA camp ... for a year now.  And how about the people in Iraq?  A little sheetrock dust is nothing compared to sand.  I'm so spoiled.

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