Monday, August 7, 2006

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Well, Melanie has joined the club of little kids who, at or around the age of four, decide they have had enough of their present hairstyle, and take a pair of scissors to their tresses.  Quentin did the same thing at age four, on the very day we were scheduled to have our family portrait taken for the church directory.  At least for him it was only his bangs.  Melanie, on the other hand, did a fine job of chopping one entire side of her head to scalp length.  I couldn't decide whether to laugh, cry or take pictures. 

In the Baby Houses, they keep all the little kids' hair very short; many of the boys are buzzed cleanly bald.  The little girls at least have a little hair.  When Melanie came to us, her hair was shorter than a bob (see Oct. 2004 archives for photos!)  In the past 18 months or so, Melanie has finally had hair long enough to put into ponytails ... and such beautiful hair she has too!  Shiny and black and soft.

After a trip to the Hair Cuttery this morning, we are back to Baby House short.  I will have to go heavy on the pink dresses and pink bows to make sure that her "girlness" is still there.

Oh well, it's only hair.  It will grow back.  And I can still run my fingers through Lisa's long beautiful hair!

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