Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer Sensational Stress

Last week I did nothing.  No.  Thing.  I was an absolute jellyfish.  The laundry piled up, I caught up on my sleep, the kids ate peanut butter.  It was glorious.  This week I have been slapped with teaching Vacation Bible School (which in and of itself is a lot of fun) and preparing for my trip to Chicago this Thursday (what another trip?  What the --?) speech, sleepovers.  Blah blah blah.  Oh, and did I mention Melanie's birthday is today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE!) and planning a party for Wednesday afternoon?  ACK!  Oh well, if you want to play you have to pay the fiddler, (or whatever).

While we were in Destin, we were invited by a business associate of David's to go on a cocktail cruise on their 56 foot cabin cruiser, along with all his family and children.  It was a lovely sunset cruise and the kids were all over the boat.  I won't go into the fact that this is NOT an every day occurence for us, and we were quite like country rubes coming to the big city for the first time (gosh dang, Jethro!  Look at that BOAT!)  We tried to be suave about it and not gush too much.  Let's just say that this man's brother will probably be the next governor of Alabama.  Nuff said.  They are really, really nice people though, and were so nice to send us this picture.  Guess Melanie still believes that taking a person's photograph will steal her soul. 

Did I mention that it is HOT here?  I suppose it's hot all over the place.  But thank goodness we have air conditioning.  Oh, is that a fever I feel coming on?



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