Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chilling in Chicago

Forgive me, oh BLOG GODS* for stealing this picture from another blogging mom who also spent last week in Chicago.  This picture has meaning especially for my group of friends because Debi's** husband actually works for Target (pharmacy) and we all would have been falling to the ground dying of laughter if we had actually seen this sign.  We joked about Target all weekend, because like any lawyer or doctor at a party (Doc, I have this pain right here ...) Debi and her husband always get people complaining to them about things that happened to them at Target, as if they OWNED the darn place!  We always get chastised by Debi for shopping at some *other* store (which shall remain nameless, but which starts with the letters W&M)  Looking out the 24th floor of our condominium (*mom hates it when we say "condo") we could see Chicago's newest state of the art Target store.  But no ... we didn't actually shop at Target while in Chicago. 

* Okay, apparently there is a huge book of Blog etiquette that I haven't been privy to, and please, please forgive me if I've broken one of its laws by posting this picture.  I mean, it's a public blog and there are no children in the picture whose privacy I have invaded.  It's just too funny and apropos of the weekend I just had.

**Not my sister Debi, although they spell their names the same way.

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