Sunday, June 4, 2006

Poor Puppy

Boudreaux fell victim to the Cujo-Jack Russell terrier who lives down the street.  Lisa was walking him on the leash, as David had put out fertilizer on the yard and didn't want B. to get it on his paws.  Apparently the C-JRT came bolting out of his front door and just pounced on B. growling and snapping.  The Mom of the C-JRT checked B to see if C-JRT had bitten him, but found nothing.  However, he DID bite him on the shoulder, and this morning said bite was infected, swollen and bleeding.  We went to the Emergency Vet. Hospital, where they gave him morphine and opened up the wound so it would drain.  He has been very loopy all day, just lying on his little lambskin pad and looking pitiful.  We've all been overdosing him with love and petting; I think he's enjoying that, at least. 

This is the first time B. has been hurt or sick, and it just breaks my heart.  He finally went outside to do his business this afternoon.  Now we have to fun job of reporting to C-JRT's family what happened.  Boy, are we making strides with all of our new neighbors!!! 

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