Monday, June 19, 2006

It's Great to be Back.....

Here is a quick report from David (Liz' husband who is currently playing "Mr. Mom").

Just wanted to post that Liz and her sister, Debi, have arrived safely in Kazakhstan (after a two day detour through Amsterdam -- but as far as I am concerned, what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam.....)  Since they arrived a day ahead of the rest of the playground group, on Sunday, they hooked up with Emil (one of our former drivers) and traveled to Taldy Korgan, since this was not on the official "tour" and Liz wanted to show Debi where Melanie was from.   According to certain sources, they had a great time (I think there was a certain amount of "toasting" involved). 

On Monday, the whole group arrived.  I just talked to Liz, and they spent the first day sorting through the equipment, leaving one playset at the Esik Babyhouse and putting everything else on the truck for transport to Petro. 

Overall, things are going well.   I don't know if Liz will be able to email me pictures, but I will try and add periodic updates as I get them from Liz. 

Faithfully reported....



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