Friday, June 9, 2006

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

What a week ... we took Boudreaux back to the vet on Monday, to be seen by his regular doc.  She cleaned the wound again.  He seemed to have his "sparkle" back by Tuesday or so.  But today I took him back yet again to have it cleaned.  She wants him to stay on ABX another 10 days or so, but it's slowly healing, thank goodness.  It just looks awful in the meantime.

I'm starting to panic about the trip.  In the middle of packing and shopping for last minute necessities, I'm fielding calls from our kitchen remodeler, and the appliance supplier.  Not to mention several doctor/dentist/orthodontist appointments sprinkled here and there.  It's not the trip I'm worried about; it's getting ready in time!  Once I get on the plane I will breathe a huge sigh of relief.  Debi is over the moon about it ... she calls me once a day or so asking about what to bring, what to expect.  The weather in Petropavlovsk has been running 100 ... yikes!!  Need to wear my Foreign Legion hat and my iceberg underwear (now there's a visual!)

Took Melanie back to her surgeon today.  We hadn't seen him since October, at the team evaluation.  Before that I think it was April or May of last year.  He wants to do a nasal endoscopy (doesn't that sound like fun?) so they can judge where her palate is in relation to the back of her throat.  That way they can see if she needs further surgery or if she has just developed some bad speech habits than can be overcome with intensive therapy.  Today at speech she made the "tee" sound, which is quite a breakthrough!  Think about it ... make the "tee" sound while you're blowing air out of your nose.  That's what she usually does, but she cut off the air through her nose this time, and it was clear as a bell.  Small steps, I know, but they're big to me!


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