Friday, May 5, 2006

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Just talked to David ... he was at the airport in Auckland, New Zeland, getting on his flight to come home.  It's been a long week ... not particulary hard or anything, just long and lonely.  (Imagine being lonely in a house with six people!!)  You know, things just seem to gel better when both of us are here.  At least I kept the kitchen clean (usually the dishes pile up as I'm too exhausted at the end of the day to do them ... I have more energy in the morning.  David, however, can't sleep with dirty dishes in the sink.  I am the Oscar to his Felix).  I semi kept up with the laundry.  Kept busy taking Melanie to her various appointments ... pediatric dentist on Monday, speech on Wed., speech on Friday, school Tues and Thurs.

Dr. Chen is her pediatric dentist.  Melanie has two teeth in the front which are hypoplastic, or enamel-less.  Dr. C. wants to do an outpatient procedure on her on May 19 where, under general anesthesia, she will seal and bond those two teeth, and get some clear x-rays since Melanie wiggled just a *bit* while they were doing them in the office.  Melanie just does NOT like people poking around in her mouth (for good reason).  Unfortunately her appointment isn't until 11:30, so we should have some great fun telling her she can't eat anything.  <sigh>  Oh, and my mom and dad are driving in the day before to see Quentin's play which is the night of the 19th.  Too much going on.

I have booked Debi's and my flights to Amsterdam and Kazakhstan.  We leave on June 14, arrive in Amsterdam on the 15th.  We'll have that day to rest and sightsee, then the whole next day to check out the red light district.  (Just KIDding!)  Saturday we fly to Almaty, arrive Sunday morning.  The rest of the crew doesn't arrive until that night, so we'll have Sunday to recuperate and maybe wander around a bit.  Monday the work starts!!  We have four days in Almaty (driving to Esik every day .. about an hour away).  Then we fly to Petropavlovsk (far north, almost on the border with Russia) for four more days.  Then back to Almaty Wed., fly out that night (after resting for about 8 hours) for Frankfurt, Munich and HOME. 

Did I mention that we're driving to Destin, FL the day after I get home???  <ugh>  Just make me a pallet in the trunk and give me an ambien.  Wake me up when we get there!

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