Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hoppy Easter!

<sorry .. that was quite cliche!>

Greetings from the metropolis of Charlotte, NC ... we celebrated Easter in fine form today ... we went to church without yelling at each other, a minor miracle in itself.  After the service I had a hankering for some Olive Garden salad, so off we went.  After lunch we came home and I was a victim of the rack monster for a while.  Then we dyed easter eggs and had an egg hunt in the back yard.  I just bought a DVD of "Beauty and the Beast" (my favorite Disney cartoon of all time) so we watched that.  Then we had a traditional Easter dinner of ... PIZZA.  David knocked himself out all afternoon cleaning out the garage (we've been in this house for almost 6 months; isn't it about time??)  Now we have room in there to unload our storage shed!  Yech ... time for a garage sale, I think.

The Southlake kids are off this week for their spring break (Colin's was the last week of March).  We don't have a lot planned; just enjoying sleeping late (I will of course dive back into bed after I wake Colin at 5 a.m.) and just being bums.

Over the weekend we had Bill & Leslie's youth group overnight.  22 people invaded our house!  They had driven in a van, a truck and  trailer and a large church van.  They arrived at 1 a.m., and the darn alarm on the church van kept going off.  I think our neighbors will be signing a petition to get us booted out of the subdivision soon.  It really worked out well, some kids even slept out on the screened-in porch.  We had breakfast casseroles in the morning, and they pulled off at 8:30.  Of course we were all dragging big time on Saturday.

Looks like David is headed to New Zealand the first week of May on business.  Gonna be a long week.  Stay tuned.  ** AOL Pictures is being snarky, so I'll try to upload them tomorrow.

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