Friday, March 3, 2006

Tears as a Weapon

Yesterday I took Melanie to South Charlotte to the Family Application Center.  She had an appointment to be screened for the Bright Beginnings preschool that is run by Char-Meck Schools.  It's a "No Child Left Behind" thing ... an extra boost for 4 year olds before they get to kindergarten.  I had made the appointment back in January, and was told to bring several documents, birth cert., social security, etc., and a utility bill to show proof of residence.  I meticulously assembled all the docs, and we set out.  I get there, after a short detour to the ped. to pick up her shot record that I forgot about, and driving like a bat out of hell 25 minutes down I-77, rolling into the parking lot right on the dot.  After I wrangle her through the parking lot (can't we use cattle prods on children??) and get into the room, I am told that my utility bill is more than 30 days old and so they can't screen her.

WHAT???  Don't mess with me!  I have just moved heaven and hell to get here with an ADD three year old and you're telling me YOU CAN'T SCREEN HER???  I started to make a scene.  All the other people in the room started looking at me, thinking, "Man I hope my kid isn't in HER class!"  I said, Bring me the supervisor ... and voila!  The supervisor appears.  She is a rational human being, and says, don't worry about it, just fax me a more current bill this afternoon.  Okay ... what are all the histrionics for?  That was easy!

Sometimes, tears make an effective weapon.  Make the people "behind the desk" think you're going to crawl over and strangle them, and they pay attention!  At any rate ... she has been screened, life is good, we'll know after May 30 if she got in or not.

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