Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Am I Being Punished??

Christian is sick again.  This time it is the nasty Influenza A.  He woke up with 102.2. I knew that a friend of his had tested positive for flu over the weekend, so I thought it might just be a matter of time.  Sure 'nuff.  We went in for a nasal swab ... got the call 15 minutes later.  The one year I passed on flu shots...genius, eh?  <sigh>  It just sucks seeing him feeling so bad AGAIN.  We got tamiflu for everyone in the house who is over 13 ... apparently tamiflu won't work as a preventive for little kids.  So Lisa and Melanie are sitting ducks, I suppose.  I had to pick up David's tamiflu and deliver it to the airport, as he was flying out tonight for Boston.  (He's no dummy ... get out of town when the germs invade the house!)  Seriously, I'm hoping that Lisa escapes, as her birthday party is this Saturday.  We're washing our hands like we have OCD.

Sunday afternoon I'll drive to Chapel Hill with Melanie for our appointment with the UNC Craniofacial team.  I'm a little nervous, trying to find my way around a strange city, not to mention that it was the site of the nut case who plowed his SUV through the crowd on the UNC campus.  As long as I can find my little Hampton Inn and the shortcut to the hospital, I'll be fine.  It's a two-day ordeal ... I hope it's not too painful for all involved!  They won't be actually doing anything, just a series of specialists will come in to see her, maybe some tests (airflow studies to show how much air comes through her nose when she speaks) but nothing major.  We should get a report from them with their recommendations as to the next step.

Her speech is still a little hard to understand, but usually I can figure out what she's saying.  You sure can understand when she says "NO!"  There is a little girl in her "girl group" named Ella, and she sure can say "Ella".  And one more cute thing before you all get diabetes ... she LOVES the movie "Pocahontas" ... we have seen it a minimum of 1,000,000,000 times ... she has the cutest way of saying "Pocahontas".  Kind of like "Hoke Ooo Han Yes".  Every syllable is there ... she knows darn well what she is saying!  (If I never see old Pokey and John Smith again, it will be too soon!)

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