Thursday, February 9, 2006


Talk about karma coming along to kick you in the butt!  Just when I proclaimed "normalcy" all hell broke loose.  Last weekend, after taking care of Melanie and her case of the "greenies" as I call them (no explanation necessary, I hope) I started to feel chesty and before I knew it was running fever and had a raging case of bronchitis.  For some reason I couldn't sleep for almost 5 nights in a row, thanks to who knows what medication, I was taking so many.  Monday morning Colin fell like a bowling pin ... high fever, sore throat, aches.  He has been running 102 or higher all week, missing school (ack).  Christian fell next, running fever over the weekend, then complaining of a sore hip (toxic synovitis?  An infection of the lining of the hip?)  He then tested positive for strep.  I am still coughing my head off, and feeling pretty much like warmed over crap.  So that explains where I have been the last week or so!

I'll write more of an entry when I feel better.

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