Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Za Zdarovye!

...which means "To your health!"  And I really need a big toast to bring back the health of our family!  We are in the midst of a stomach virus/flu that is wreaking havoc on us.  So far, Christian, Lisa and I have succumbed.  Christiain is on the road to recovery, although his eyes still look like one of the Addams cartoon people, with big black rings around their eyes.  His skin looks like tissue paper.

David and I had planned a long weekend away in Naples, Florida, in conjunction with a business meeting he had there.  We had a great girl hired to keep the kids.  I was to leave Thursday morning.  Wed. night Christian started throwing up.  I felt like a bad mommy, and surely didn't want to leave the babysitter with THAT, so I pushed my flight back to late Thurs. night (at great expense) and he seemed okay by then.  Got to the airport, and was expecing a car to pick me up, but they were a no-show.  Took a skanky cab to the hotel, met up with David; fell into bed.  Next day I wallowed in decadence and lay in bed watching movies on HBO while David was in meetings.  Then I got up and drove to "The Shops at Venetian Bay" which is as chi-chi as it sounds.  Tried to fit in with the "elite" and stuck my nose into some great little boo-tiques.

That night was a dinner with a band; I have to put in a plug here for this one:  Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers.  They will be big someday, if not putting out records, then on the nightclub scene.  They were awesome.  David played one song with them (on the drums) and had an absolute blast!  Google them!

We got back to our room, only to find that the AC was out, and it was like a sauna.  (This is Florida, remember!)  They kindly gave us another room in which to sleep, so out we went.  About 1 a.m., I get a wake-up call of the worst kind.  Yep, the creeping crud has stowed away in my bags.  It was an all-night affair, and there was much worshipping at the throne. 

The next day, having been up all night dancing with the tile floor, I slept away the hours.  David lay on the couch reading a book and napping.  We finally got up and dragged me out to dinner with friends of David's from Memphis.  I put on a good show, picked at a baked potato, but that was about it for me.  (I vaguely remember that 5th Avenue in Naples is very pretty!)

We flew home Sunday, after driving to look at Sanibel Island (nice!)  Everything seemed well and nice, until Lisa started throwing up last night at around midnight.  (WHY does it always happen in the middle of the night?)  So we are pretty much quarantined this week; I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.  According to Christian's teacher, there were 13 3rd graders out with it last week. 

Sorry no pictures!  Ha ha!

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