Monday, December 5, 2005

The Flying Christmas Tree

I think our tree is cursed.  First a stowaway grasshopper, then TIMBER ... it fell over.  Saturday morning ... we're all sitting around in our jammies doing what people usually do on Saturday mornings.  All of a sudden, it just toppled over.  Bam ... crash ... tinkle!  No one was near it, so it was completely spontaneous.  Luckily, not too many ornaments were broken ... no important ones, anyway.  Except one of my "Twelve Days of Christmas" ornaments that my mother-in-law gives me every year (I think we're up to 10 Lords-a-Leaping).  The six geese-a-laying are broken, but I think with a little superglue they'll be good as new.  Of course all the water from the basin spewed all over the floor, so we had a really nice time cleaning it up. 

Quentin had gone to Saturday School (aka detenion) for not turning in his progress report on time.  Seems a little harsh, but dem's the rules.  They had to sit there for 2 hours doing nothing.  The philosophy is you waste our time, we waste your time.  Seems fair.

The fence is not finished yet.  The fence guy showed up on Sunday and explained that his Mother-in-law was very ill and they were headed to Florida.  He did finish the fence part, but there are no gates or chicken wire.  Ugh ...

It's cold and rainy today, and Melanie's speech was cancelled.  We're hunkered down ...



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