Thursday, December 15, 2005

...But Ice is Nice!

Still neaux sneaux, but last night a system blew through Charlotte bringing freezing rain and ice.  Unfortunately, Colin still had school, though David decided to work from home, and drove him to school.  The other kids were on a 2 hour delay, but right as we were getting ready to leave, we got a phone call that school was cancelled due to the power being out.  Yippee!  We went and got haircuts and did a little shopping, then the spent the afternoon at Natalia's house.  Meanwhile, I puttered about in the freezing rain for a few Christmas gifts, and made a huge delivery to MailBoxes, Etc. with gifts for the out-of-town relatives.  Boudreaux is such a sissy dog; he won't go out when it's cold and rainy.

Off to New York tomorrow evening for a weekend with girlfriends.  Unfortunately there are rumors of a transit strike, so we may be limited as to what we can do.  No sweat ... even if we just hang out in our jammies, it will be fun.  We're thinking about hiring a limo to schlep us around in Manhattan, sounds like fun to me.  I still need stocking stuffers and whatnot, so perhaps I can finish that there.

I had two parties this week ... one at a friend's house, and one HERE.  It was nice to have my lunch ladies over for our Christmas brunch ... got the house all fixed up nice and all that.  The party the night before went on until 12:30, so I was running on 4 hours of sleep ... but managed to get some rest in the afternoon. 

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