Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Big Apple Withdrawal

Back home from the Big City ... and having major post-New York-blues.  I don't know what it is about that place; I always feel happy when I'm there.  Whether I'm strolling down a street past eclectic shops, or checking out the extravagant street decorations, there is just something about New York City that lifts my spirits.  Part of it is because everyone is accepted there; normal, abnormal, grunge, punk, rich old lady with a full-length fur coat being pushed in a wheelchair by a nurse; faces of every color and eye shape and dress, be it Orthodox Jew or Arab woman in a burka ... it's just such a melting pot, and that kind of confluence of the world just makes me happy.  The pulse of the city is just so enlivening ... okay, enough already.

We had an absolute bash ... we danced, we ate, we laughed, we cried.  We shopped.  Oh my goodness, there's nothing left in the city and my kids are having a VERY nice Christmas this year.  My mom wanted something from Barney's of New York ... well, she's going to get a really nice shopping bag, because I couldn't afford anything there!  Yikes.  And between you and me, the place is a dump.  An expensive dump.  Dunno what the big deal is.

What I really want Santa to bring me is that Coach vest ... black, and trimmed with rabbit fur, the softest thing I have ever put my hands on.  Ever.  It was only $998.00!  I'm feeling it as I'm listening to the prima donna on her cell phone yelling at the dry cleaners or something, "I really need that ski jacket!  And when will my mink be ready?"  Sheesh-a-roni.  What a different planet.

We pressed our noses to the window of the "Today" Show set ... swam through the mobs of people around the three at Rockefeller Plaza.  Went to Burberry's where we contemplated buying $125.00 earmuffs (just for a nanosecond) and noted that there is a Starbucks on every freakin' corner of the entire city!

Anyway ... countdown to Christmas.  Mom and Dad will arrive tomorrow and I need to get some serious wrapping done.  Move the kids out of the basement so Mom & Dad can have a little apartment to themselves.  Schools' out, let the vegetating begin!!

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