Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Yes and Frankly My

The deer were back yesterday morning.  Well, two of them anyway.  I've decided they are a nuclear family of mom and two kids.  Mom apparently was sleeping in ... you see, these things happen in nature as well!  I've named the two babies "Yes" and "Frankly My" ... think about it!

Last night, of course was Halloween.  We went to our old neighborhood to trick-or-treat.  Our neighbors over there were so much fun.  Too bad we couldn't just pick this house up and plop it on our old street.  There were scads and scads of people, so it was like a big block party.  It was very strange to knock on the door of our old house and see some new furniture in it!  I'm sure once we get settled we'll start meeting the new neighbors and fitting right in.

Hard to believe that it was exactly one year ago that we flew home with Miss Melanie.  She has come so far ... now has long hair, no more Baby House Chop haircut.  She was right in the thick of things, running from house to house.  She got one piece of candy and wanted to sit down right there and eat it.  Lisa & Christian were LSU cheerleader and football player. 

Quentin dressed up as Monty Python's "Mr Gumby" -- perfect typecasting!  Ha ha.  He ended up with a bunch of girls from school ... he has a way with the ladies!

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