Friday, November 4, 2005

Nothing Wise about Wisdom Teeth

Colin had a miserable day yesterday.  Towards later in the afternoon he had an "exorcist moment" (his words) which I will not describe in detail.  Suffice it to say it was pretty traumatic for everyone involved.  At the time that it happened, I had put my iron skillet on the stove to dry after washing.  I was urgently summoned downstairs, forgetting about the skillet.  After spending a lot of time in the basement with my mop and Lysol, I started to smell something "not right".  You guessed, it ... the skillet!  It was glowing red and smoking quite a bit.  Yikes!   I thought some ice would cool it down pretty quickly, but I ended up with a sputtering mess.

At 7:30 Quentin announces that he needs a book by Ray Bradbury for school tomorrow.  Now I have quite a collection of books ... (imagine the fun we had moving all of them!) and have just about every author imaginable ... except Ray Bradbury.  I have a vague memory of taking a Science Fiction class in high school and of reading Fahrenheit 451, but of course don't have a copy.  So off we went for an emergency Barnes & Noble run.

Needless to say I was running ragged last night and simply could not wait to lay my head on my pillow.  I set up the baby monitor in Colin's room in case he needed me in the night, but he slept straight through.  However, Christian was somewhat upset by Colin's, er, illness, that he was crying and ended up sleeping wtih me.  I woke up several times with a head on my ribs.  This morning Colin is downstairs playing on the computer, so I think he's definitely on the mend.  I'd say he's had a pretty easy time of it.  He has some swelling on the side with the ankylosed tooth, but is overall doing okay.

Dad home tonight ...

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