Friday, October 14, 2005

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Okay, okay ... I'm back.  Let's see, recapping the past week and a few days ... Mom arrived Thursday night.  Friday morning I had to take Melanie to Charlotte Rehab for Dr. Matthews' Cleft Palate clinic.  It was an ordeal of about 3-1/2 hours.  We sat in a small room while different specialists came in one at a time to look at Melanie.  Speech ... audiology ... surgeon ... orthodontist ... dentist ... ENT.  Melanie did NOT appreciate Dr. Matthews looking at her mouth, and she promptly fell asleep after he left.  (Luckily the room had a bed).  While we were waiting, the clock was ticking; we were planning to leave for Atlanta after the clinic for the WPA annual reunion.  We finished around 3:30, and after getting the oil changed, getting home to pack, got on the road around 6. 

Driving through the rain, we arrived in Atlanta around 11.  For the umpteenth time we have requested adjoining rooms and after being reassured, "Yes, no problem", we have gotten rooms that are not adjoining.  "I'm sorry there are just NO MORE rooms left in the hotel!" 

(Reminds me of an old joke from my childhood.  If the President of the United States were to show up, would you have a room for him?  Why, yes, of course.  Well, I know for certain that he is NOT coming tonight, so you can just give me HIS room!) 

After calmly expressing his displeasure at the front desk, David got them to give us a nice corner suite with ... <gasp!> adjoining rooms!  Amazing how they just seem to appear from thin air.

WPA picnic on Saturday was amazing.  We missed last year because we were in Kazakhstan.  It was so cool to see the faces that I know only from websites.  All the kids were happy and running around, not a meltdown in sight.  I have pictures on my camera ... but the camera is ... MIA.  **NOTE:  Got this email from David this afternoon .. mystery solved! 

Just read the blog....FYI -- camera was removed from your purse by Miss Melanie, which was promptly removed from Melanie by Dad and placed in the cupboard over the kitchen desk....


Mom took care of the dog and the older boys (who chose to stay home).  When we got home, she forced me to unpack boxes and hang pictures (*thank you MOM!) so I feel somewhat more settled than I was last week.  But there is still much to be done.  I haven't found my "rhythm" yet ... I'm still looking for missing stuff (like our stainless!!  It's just NOT HERE!  I finally broke down and bought another set .. naturally it will turn up now and we will have service for 40!)

This morning we have a guy coming to clean and cap the chimney, since we have a large extended family of birds living in there.  Boudreaux is perplexed.  Apparently there is a plethora of wildlife living in our back yard too .. I have seen evidence of deer and small woodland animals.  Very cool.

Oops ... left Boudreaux outside on his chain.  He acts so humiliated that he has to be on a chain, but the other night I took him outside without a leash and he took off into the woods after ... who knows?  And me in my pajamas and no shoes.  But we squeaked his squeaky ball and eventually he came back.  Scared the pattooty out of me though.

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