Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Jet Lag ..er, I mean Moving Lag

But man does it feel like jet lag.  Can't get enough sleep, always tired, feel like I'm underwater.  Ugh.  There is still so much to be done; I know some people who have the house unpacked and settled in 5 days.  Well, that just ain't me.  I just am not wired that way.  It will get done.  After all, after 8 years in the other house, I managed to get things put away.

Today was weird ... I had a conference with Colin's teachers this afternoon.  Earlier this morning I had to go to the public library to print something off on the computer for the conference.  (Our printer is still in the garage!)  Lisa and Christian browsed through the kids' books while I did my thing (Melanie was at preschool), and then we set off to get into the car.  I looked behind me to see a lady (library employee) following us.  I smiled as if to say, "Yes?  Can I help you?" thinking I had accidently brought out a book without checking it out?  She said, "Is that your daughter?  Are you together?  Are you sure?" and other "third degree" questions.  Well, um ... yeah, I think I know my daughter when I see her.  Let's see, let me check if I got the wrong kid here, who is happily skipping after me and climbing into her car seat.

I know what she was thinking: that I was in the process of kidnapping this child from the public library.  But it seems to me that if that were the case, Lisa would be screaming in fear, and I would be running faster, or have her in a burlap sack or something.

I mean, I know that people want to err on the side of caution.  I just thought it was sad that since Lisa doesn't "match" us, that someone would assume the worst.  The rest of the morning, in Target and Lowe's I felt like someone was watching me.  Then I freaked out when, on the way to Colin's school, I ran into a random drivers' license check road block.  Man ... was I creeped out.  But then I thought what a good laugh the police would have down at the station house when I showed them Lisa's adoption papers.  (Of course that didn't happen.  It was just odd that I would run into the first road block I've seen in my life on the same day someone ran after me thinking I had kidnapped my daughter!) 


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