Monday, October 24, 2005

Has Fall Finally Fallen?

I love North Carolina ... we have four distinct seasons, although sometimes they don't fall at the right times.  Usually the really cold winter doesn't set in until after January.  But this week it seems that the fall weather is here, at last!  The socks are out, and where are those darn winter jackets?  The walk to the bus stop can be a little crisp these days.

David has absconded with the camera for a business trip (more spotted owls?) so the virtual tour of the new house I was planning will have to wait.  But it is in very good shape now!  We even "christened" the house with a sleepover (Quentin's) on Friday night.  We had 13 teenage boys in the basement, and to their credit, we never heard a sound!  They were very good, well behaved and respectable.  I was so proud!

Lisa went to a birthday party on Saturday at a house by the lake.  I have to stop getting my curiosity piqued by "for sale" signs, which has been my habit over the past year or so.  We are NOT in the market for a new house, even if it's on the water and marked down.  We weren't actively looking for a house, but knew that if one "fell in our laps" (which this one practically did) we would look into it.  So whenever I saw a sign, I found myself driving down streets and checking them out.  I found one within walking distance of the kids' school.  Wow that would have been awesome!  But here we are, and I am perfectly content!

Not much on the schedule for this week, other than playgroup here Wednesday.  Of course the big Halloween thing next Monday.  Lisa is an LSU cheerleader, and Christian an LSU football player.  Colin's decided he's too old for trick-or-treat and I think this is Quentin's last year.  Melanie will be a clown or a dinosaur, both costumes I have from years past.  Poor youngest child always gets the leftovers!

Off to speech!

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