Friday, September 9, 2005

Okay, okay ...

I've been chided for not blogging for a week.  In the words of the chick who used to work at Bob Newhart's Vermont Inn, "sorry, sorry sorry!"  I guess it's a combination of numbness over New Orleans, numbness at all the ^&#$@ I have to pack to move.  There were a few days this week when I was packing like a crazy woman.  Got the china done, some of the dining room, most of the books upstairs.  But then there were days when I was on the road (like yesterday, when we did a marathon at the dentist ... Lisa:  4 fillings and sealants, Christian: 1 filling).  I had to do my juggling act:  leave Lisa at dentist, take Melanie home, throw her into the bed, wait for Colin to come home, go back to dentist, sit while Christian gets drilled.  We no longer have a babysitter, as Kathleen has taken a job at an animal hospital.  Melanie's speech therapist is back, so we have started that again.

Went to see "The Constant Gardener" ... with my favorite actor, Ralph Fiennes.  Very good movie, disturbing, but good.  But I have to read the book now, because I didn't "get" some parts of it. 

Other than that, my dear Watson ... not much is going on in our little sphere of influence!

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