Monday, September 26, 2005

H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Week

Let's see ... last night we ate a beautiful, soul-filling, gorging-ourselves steak dinner.  I had two glasses of wine with dinner, so when we got home, I promptly went to bed at around 9:30 and had what is probably going to be my last full nights' sleep for a while.  This morning I got Melanie up and she felt hot.  Yep ... a little fever (though you wouldn't know it, she's still her chipper happy self!)  I had cancelled her speech session (which had already been cancelled by her therapist, since she was flying in from NY --duh)  Before I could turn around the doorbell rings and it's the home inpsectors back for a re-inspection.  Ack ... they ask where the receipts are for all the work we had done.  HUH?  First of all, I didn't know you were coming today, I thought it was Thursday ... and hang on, can I get out of my pajamas and into some clothes??  Rush upstairs to pick up any dirty underwear or other objectionable items that may be on the bathroom floor.  Scramble around to find the handy man's phone number, where is it? ... call my realtor; she's at a golf tournament (huh?)  Call the realty office and the receptionist keeps calling me "Hon" and being very rude, so I am this close to tears.  No they don't have a number for the handy man, don't you know they all keep their own files???  Um, no, bite me!  Then I hear the inspection folks holler from the other room, "Oh, don't worry!  We don't need the receipts until closing!"  Oh gee, thanks.  For Pete's sake .. give a girl a break ... I haven't even brushed my teeth yet, much less had a cup of coffee.  I can't handle high blood pressure this early in the morning.

We did a lot over the weekend ... bought a new refrigerator (cool .. French door thing, with freezer on the bottom .. excellent!)  took down the swingset, packed the kitchen (good golly Moses I have a lot of useless junk!)  David started on the garage ... guess what we'll be doing tonight??  There's just so much stuff you can't do until the day you move ... It will happen ... this too shall pass ... maybe in between breakdowns I can get excited about my new house!! 

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