Saturday, September 17, 2005

Buy Me a Ticket for an Aeroplane ...

..."ain't got time to take a fast train ..." Got my sweetie back yesterday.  Poor guy was exhausted and still had to take Christian to baseball practice last night.  (Whose idea was it to practice on Friday night?  That's our going out dancing and partying night.)   It was a long week, for him and for us.  I did manage to pack up Lisa's room last night, all but the closet (which really should count as another room entirely!) and Melanie's closet, which is really the guest room.  Ack .. we have so much to do!  Isn't this just the most fascinating post???

Here are some really neat pictures from David's week in Northern California (near Reading).  Many people ask what David does for a living ... this will give you a glimpse.  His company invests in the paper and forest products industry, and he travels a lot looking at timber used as collateral.  This time he had a chance to get up close & personal with some spotted owls ... you know, the famous spotted owl that caused all the ruckus on the West Coast.  Enjoy!

The Mold Hunter is doing something to our new house where he will "suck" the air out of the house and then put "new" air in it.  Then he will re-test it to check for mold spores.  We are definitely going to buy a de-humidifier for the basement ...

Today we are having our family mug shot taken for the church directory. 

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