Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dad Update

Thanks to all who have expressed concern about my dad (Grandpa).  I called the hospital yesterday morning, expecting to get mom, and Dad answered the phone!  He sounded just like his old self.  He had just returned from a CAT scan, and reported that there were no cats in there.  His sense of humor is still intact, so I know he's doing better.  All tests have ruled out any type of "event" (stroke or heart) so the conclusion is that he just tripped and fell, and unfortunately fell on something very hard.  My sister said that seeing him there on the ground, she thought for sure he was dead, and now he's asking for his robe so he can walk around the hospital!  Wow ...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... still trying to keep the house looking pristine (no easy task), and getting back into the homework groove.  Melanie and I continue to go to speech therapy (well, Melanie does) 3X a week.  Quentin is pushing the envelope with his long hair.  We did have it cut the day before school started, but the principal "suggested" that he have it cut more.  Quentin is trying to see how long it will take before the suggestion becomes an order.  Way to get in the principal's good graces, "Cleem".  (Nickname from the Kaz trip.)

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