Monday, August 22, 2005

...But We're Still Laughing!

1.  Both of the houses that were for sale on our street have sold.  The showings have slowed to a trickle.  We (I) have decluttered and decluttered and we're still hearing "declutter"!

2.  Christian decided to use one of the kitchen cabinet doors as a swing and it split down the middle.  I heard cuss words from David that I've never heard before!  But we were happy that Christian was honest and apologetic about it, and weren't too angry with him.

3.  David goes to Lowe's to pick out the myriad of hardware that he needed to fix the cabinet door and some other things.  After an hour of meticulously combing through the aisles and finally assembling his "kit", he turned to look at something, and a helpful Lowe's employee took his shopping cart away and started re-shelving everything.  More cuss words.  I think we're a Home Depot family now.

4.  Melanie decides to put an obstacle course with a step stool up for mom, just to see if she's paying attention.  Well of course, she wasn't, so down she goes, face planting into the (thank goodness) carpet.  Unfortunately, the glasses are DOA.

5.  We completely forgot to take Christian to "skills day" for the fall baseball season yesterday.  Guess he'll have to settle for being the bat boy.  (NOT!)

6.  We still have our sense of humor.

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