Thursday, July 28, 2005

We don't need a ladder, we have Quentin! appears that Emil had to go to Taldy today to pick up a family, so he came by and took some information regarding the missing playset piece we needed this morning and left.  Unfortunately, we won't get the piece until tomorrow, so all we had left to do today was complete the swings and finish the holes for the animals and caregiver benches.  Piece of cake - right? seems that we were especially lucky to decide to locate the animals and benches on top of a rock pile.  It took forever to dig the holes, as most had to be started by hand until we got through the "rock layer", and then the power auger would be effective.  But, everybody pitched in and took turns, and eventually all 24  holes (avg depth of 3 feet) were completed.  We were able to procure some cement today, but the sand will not be delivered until tomorrow, so we were not able to complete everything today.  But, we should complete everything tomorrow, including spreading all of the sand (I think Sasha ordered 4 dump truck loads to be delivered tomorow), which has to be hauled and spread by hand.    We ate lunch in a non-yurt type restaurant today, and I had lagman and Quentin had something that translated as "red chicken" and some small meat dumplings (like potstickers).  Tonight, we went to a chinese restaurant that is several blocks from our hotel, and it seems like we ate for 2 hours.   They would bring the orders out one at a time, so something kept showing up at the table every 10 minutes....we are full as ticks, and I don't know if I'm going to get Quentin to bed as he drank a whole litre of coke by himself....   Love to all....David  

Quentin says:  Didn't quite finish the playground yet, hopefully Emil will get the right part (He will be smacked if he doesn't...) And Hopefully we'll get it done by tomorrow. Apparently the food we have back home sucks noodles compared to the food here, because everything I've tried has been delicious. Most of what we eat here is cooked fresh and what we eat back home is all processed in a waste treatment plant. Oh yeah and the reason I'm not gonna sleep tonight is not because of the coke alone. It's how much I'll be going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  

From Mom:  Gee thanks for that glowing review of my cooking, Quentin!


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