Monday, July 18, 2005

More Beach Pictures

Oops ... just put my hands on the disk with the beach pictures on it.  Voila!! 

The older four kids are successfully and happily (I hope) at Camp Granada ... (hello muddah, hello fadduh ... here I am at ... Camp Granada)  No really, it's Camp Harrison, and it's simply beautiful.  Even the cabins are air conditioned.  Poor things, they're really roughing it.  Lisa was the only one a little teary when we left.  The others were great.  They will have a great time.  Check out the website ...

Melanie and I are off to Baton Rouge this afternoon.  David will be home painting ... as it looks like we may be moving to a bigger house in our neighborhood soon.  Hate to leave a cliff-hanger, but more information will be forthcoming as the situation develops.  Toodles!

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